Package io.ktor.server.velocity


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class Velocity

A plugin that allows you to use Velocity templates as views within your application. Provides the ability to respond with VelocityContent.

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class VelocityContent(template: String, model: Map<String, Any>, etag: String?, contentType: ContentType)

Represents a response content that could be used to respond with call.respond(VelocityContent(...))

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class VelocityTools

VelocityTools ktor plugin. Populates model with standard Velocity tools.


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fun EasyFactoryConfiguration.engine(configure: VelocityEngine.() -> Unit)
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suspend fun ApplicationCall.respondTemplate(template: String, model: Map<String, Any> = emptyMap(), etag: String? = null, contentType: ContentType = ContentType.Text.Html.withCharset(Charsets.UTF_8))

Respond with template applying model