class ResourcesFormat(val serializersModule: SerializersModule = EmptySerializersModule()) : SerialFormat

A format to (de)serialize resources instances


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fun ResourcesFormat(serializersModule: SerializersModule = EmptySerializersModule())


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data class Parameter(val name: String, val isOptional: Boolean)

A query parameter description


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fun <T> decodeFromParameters(deserializer: KSerializer<T>, parameters: Parameters): T

Builds a T resource instance from parameters

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fun <T> encodeToParameters(serializer: KSerializer<T>, value: T): Parameters

Builds Parameters for a resource T

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fun <T> encodeToPathPattern(serializer: KSerializer<T>): String

Builds a path pattern for a given serializer

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fun <T> encodeToQueryParameters(serializer: KSerializer<T>): Set<ResourcesFormat.Parameter>

Builds a description of query parameters for a given serializer


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open override val serializersModule: SerializersModule