Package-level declarations


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Engine that based on CIO backend

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object EngineMain

Default engine with main function that starts CIO engine using application.conf

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typealias HttpRequestHandler = suspend ServerRequestScope.(request: Request) -> Unit

HTTP request handler function

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class HttpServer(val rootServerJob: Job, val acceptJob: Job, val serverSocket: Deferred<ServerSocket>)

Represents a server instance

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data class HttpServerSettings(val host: String = "", val port: Int = 8080, val connectionIdleTimeoutSeconds: Long = 45, val reuseAddress: Boolean = false)

HTTP server connector settings


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fun CoroutineScope.httpServer(settings: HttpServerSettings, handler: suspend CoroutineScope.(request: Request, input: ByteReadChannel, output: ByteWriteChannel, upgraded: CompletableDeferred<Boolean>?) -> Unit): HttpServer

Start an http server with settings invoking handler for every request


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val HttpPipelineCoroutine: CoroutineName

HTTP pipeline coroutine name

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val HttpPipelineWriterCoroutine: CoroutineName

HTTP pipeline writer coroutine name

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val RequestHandlerCoroutine: CoroutineName

HTTP request handler coroutine name