abstract suspend fun read(min: Int = 1, consumer: (ByteBuffer) -> Unit)

Invokes consumer when it will be possible to read at least min bytes providing byte buffer to it so lambda can read from the buffer up to ByteBuffer.remaining bytes. If there are no min bytes available then the invocation could suspend until the requirement will be met.

If min is zero then the invocation will suspend until at least one byte available.

Warning: it is not guaranteed that all of remaining bytes will be represented as a single byte buffer eg: it could be 4 bytes available for read but the provided byte buffer could have only 2 remaining bytes: in this case you have to invoke read again (with decreased min accordingly).

It will fail with EOFException if not enough bytes (availableForRead<min) available in the channel after it is closed.

consumer lambda should modify buffer's position accordingly. It also could temporarily modify limit however it should restore it before return. It is not recommended to access any bytes of the buffer outside of the provided byte range [position(); limit()) as there could be any garbage or incomplete data.



amount of bytes available for read, should be positive or zero


to be invoked when at least min bytes available for read