abstract class BaseApplicationEngine(environment: ApplicationEngineEnvironment, pipeline: EnginePipeline) : ApplicationEngine

Base class for implementing ApplicationEngine

It creates default engine pipeline, provides application property and installs default transformations on respond and receive



instance of ApplicationEngineEnvironment for this engine


pipeline to use with this engine


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fun BaseApplicationEngine(environment: ApplicationEngineEnvironment, pipeline: EnginePipeline = defaultEnginePipeline(environment))


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open class Configuration : ApplicationEngine.Configuration

Configuration for the BaseApplicationEngine


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open suspend override fun resolvedConnectors(): List<EngineConnectorConfig>

Local addresses for application connectors. If environment's connectors was configured to use port=0, you can use this function to get an actual port for these connectors. Available after a server is started.

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abstract fun start(wait: Boolean = false): ApplicationEngine

Starts this ApplicationEngine.

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abstract fun stop(gracePeriodMillis: Long = 500, timeoutMillis: Long = 500)

Stops this ApplicationEngine.


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open val application: <ERROR CLASS>

A currently running application instance.

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override val environment: ApplicationEngineEnvironment
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val pipeline: EnginePipeline