Package io.ktor.server.plugins.contentnegotiation


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typealias AcceptHeaderContributor = (<ERROR CLASS>, acceptedContentTypes: List<ContentTypeWithQuality>) -> List<ContentTypeWithQuality>

A functional type for accepted content types contributor.

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class ContentNegotiationConfig

A configuration for the ContentNegotiation plugin.

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data class ContentTypeWithQuality(contentType: <ERROR CLASS>, quality: Double)

A pair of ContentType and quality usually parsed from the HttpHeaders.Accept headers.


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fun <ERROR CLASS>.suitableCharset(defaultCharset: <ERROR CLASS> = Charsets.UTF_8): <ERROR CLASS>

Detects a suitable charset for an application call by using the Accept header or fallbacks to defaultCharset.


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val ContentNegotiation: <ERROR CLASS><ContentNegotiationConfig>

A plugin that serves two primary purposes: