class MicrometerMetricsConfig

A configuration for the MicrometerMetrics plugin.


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fun MicrometerMetricsConfig()


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fun timers(block: Timer.Builder.(ApplicationCall, Throwable?) -> Unit)

Configures micrometer timers. Can be used to customize tags for each timer, configure individual SLAs, and so on.


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var distinctNotRegisteredRoutes: Boolean = true

Specifies if requests for non-existent routes should contain a request path or fallback to common n/a value. true by default.

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var distributionStatisticConfig: DistributionStatisticConfig

Configures the histogram and/or percentiles for all request timers. By default, 50%, 90% , 95% and 99% percentiles are configured. If your backend supports server side histograms, you should enable these instead with DistributionStatisticConfig.Builder.percentilesHistogram as client side percentiles cannot be aggregated.

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var meterBinders: List<MeterBinder>

Allows you to configure a set of metrics for monitoring the JVM. To disable these metrics, assign an empty list to meterBinders:

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var metricName: String

Specifies the base name (prefix) of Ktor metrics used for monitoring HTTP requests. For example, the default "ktor.http.server.requests" values results in the following metrics:

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var registry: MeterRegistry

Specifies the meter registry for your monitoring system. The example below shows how to create the PrometheusMeterRegistry: