class HttpStatement(builder: HttpRequestBuilder, client: HttpClient)

Prepared statement for http client request. This statement doesn't perform any network requests until execute method call.

HttpStatement is safe to execute multiple times.


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fun HttpStatement(builder: HttpRequestBuilder, client: HttpClient)


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suspend fun execute(): HttpResponse

Executes this statement and download the response. After the method finishes, the client downloads the response body in memory and release the connection.

suspend fun <T> execute(block: suspend (response: HttpResponse) -> T): T

Executes this statement and call the block with the streaming response.

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inline suspend fun <T> receive(): T

Executes this statement and run HttpClient.responsePipeline with the response and expected type T.

inline suspend fun <T, R> receive(crossinline block: suspend (T) -> R): R

Executes this statement and run the block with a HttpClient.responsePipeline execution result.

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open override fun toString(): String


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val HttpStatement.response: HttpResponse
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fun <T> HttpStatement.use(block: suspend (response: HttpResponse) -> T)