Server's response cookies.

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constructor(response: PipelineResponse)


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fun append(item: Cookie)

Appends a cookie item using the Set-Cookie response header.

fun append(name: String, value: String, encoding: CookieEncoding = CookieEncoding.URI_ENCODING, maxAge: Long? = null, expires: GMTDate? = null, domain: String? = null, path: String? = null, secure: Boolean = false, httpOnly: Boolean = false, extensions: Map<String, String?> = emptyMap())

Appends a cookie using the Set-Cookie response header from the specified parameters.

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fun appendExpired(name: String, domain: String? = null, path: String? = null)

Appends an already expired cookie. Useful to remove client cookies.

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operator fun get(name: String): Cookie?

Gets a cookie from a response's Set-Cookie header.